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In this short video, I introduce Myopia Profile, explain how I use it in practice, and describe two typical childhood myopia cases.

I routinely use the profile when I am examining a child who is already myopia or is showing risk of developing myopia. By stepping through the different stages I am able to explain to the child, and their parents, the outcomes of my examination in a format that they can easily understand. The information on the second page provides useful take home information on environmental changes that they can easily make to improve conduct of close work and encourage outdoor activity.

The Myopia Profile is a culmination of 15 years of actively managing myopia in my practice. It has evolved over time to become a useful tool that I am happy to share with you. Parents like the explanations that the profile provides, and have given positive feedback on how it has helped them explain the outcome of the examination to their partner and family. It has also become my most valuable tool in attracting patients back into my practice. An unexpected outcome was the number of recommendations that the profile has generated from parents sharing the information it presents with friends.

I hope this video goes some way towards helping you understand the profile and how it can be used. You can download it here, with which you'll also receive a practitioner guide with over 50 references, explaining the scientific background and approach in practice.

Interested in learning more?

Check out our online course Myopia Management in Practice. The course compiles all of the blog and learning content on the Myopia Profile website into a structured easy to follow format, that you can follow at your own pace. The course is free to access and includes MCQ questions and discussion forums to help solidify your learning.

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About Kate

Dr Kate Gifford is a clinical optometrist, researcher, peer educator and professional leader from Brisbane, Australia, and a co-founder of Myopia Profile.

5 thoughts on “Using Myopia Profile”

  1. Hi Kate,
    heard your conversation with Alan Jenes about prevention of myopia in children and its relationship with lack of outdoor time and excessive use of small screen devices. Would like to pass this on to a friend of my family.

    Can you suggest how I can get hold of your advice on this, in a form that would allow me to send it to my friends, please.

    Thank you in advance !

    Peter Haefner

    • Hi Peter, thanks so much for your interest. I’ve sent you an email – I would suggest you direct your friends to our new risk calculator tool at After completing a short 6 question survey, this provides tailored advice on environmental risk, as I discussed with Alan Jones this morning, and on its home page lists a whole pile of useful myopia facts.
      Kind Regards,

  2. Dear Kate,
    I just now stumbled upon your site and am grateful and inspired by what the resource you’ve created here! I am also very passionate about myopia control and truly appreciate your time and energy here. What is the best way to discuss your practice/protocol recommendations in starting an official focus clinic for myopia control, if you’re open to discussion? Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU and I’m excited to stay posted!


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