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CooperVision is a leading global vision care company, and offer a comprehensive range of products and services. Through advanced solutions such as soft contact lenses, they are committed to combating myopia progression in children. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and evidence-based approaches, CooperVision is revolutionizing the way we approach myopia, empowering patients, parents, and eye care professionals to proactively preserve long-term vision health for future generations.

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Driving change in myopia management - Q&A with Elizabeth LumbIn this Q&A, Elizabeth Lumb reflects on the evolution of myopia management in recent years through the 'lens' of her niece, Maddy.Read Full Article Applying myopia science to practice – Q&A with Professor Debbie Jones and Professor Nicola LoganIn this Q&A we chat with Professors Debbie Jones and Nicola Logan about the research behind MiSight 1 day lenses and translating it to clinical practice.Read Full Article The risks and benefits of myopia control – Q&A with Professor Mark BullimoreIn this Q&A we chat with Professor Mark Bullimore about his paper 'The Risks and Benefits of Myopia Control'.Read Full Article
Driving change in myopia management - Q&A with Elizabeth LumbIn this Q&A, Elizabeth Lumb reflects on the evolution of myopia management in recent years through the 'lens' of her niece, Maddy.Read Full Article

CooperVision myopia management products

Myopia management products listed by Myopia Profile have been specifically designed for myopia control or myopia management in children, and have some form of regulatory approval or marking for this form of use. They also have randomized controlled trial research data supporting their efficacy, unless otherwise noted. It is up to the individual eye care practitioner to be aware of regulatory requirements for prescribing in their country of practice, and also be aware that not all products are available in all countries.

DreamLite® MC

DreamLite® MC orthokeratology lenses by CooperVision offer eye care practitioners a robust myopia management solution, and have European approval for slowing myopia progression in children and young adults. The lenses are currently available in Europe and China. DreamLite® MC is part of CooperVision’s extensive portfolio of evidence-based myopia management interventions worldwide, with MiSight® 1 day, SightGlass Vision™ and Paragon CRT®.

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MiSight® 1 day

MiSight® 1 day is safe, well-tolerated, and has the longest and most robust data available on its safety and efficacy of any soft contact lens option for myopia control. It can be considered a first-line treatment for myopia correction and control. It is also the first and currently only myopia control intervention which has received United States FDA indication for myopia control. The MiSight® 1 day dual-focus contact lens has been demonstrated in two randomized clinical trials (two years' and three years' duration) to have a high safety profile, be effective, and well accepted by myopic children. It has the longest dataset available of any myopia controlling soft contact lens, with clinical study results published for up to six years and reported for up to seven years.

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Paragon CRT®

Paragon CRT® contact lenses are orthokeratology contact lenses that have been used by eye care professionals for myopia management for two decades, following the first FDA approval for overnight wear contact lenses indicated for the temporary reduction of myopia. The Paragon CRT ortho-k lenses can be fit empirically, with a diagnostic set or through topography-guided fitting.  The robust evidence base for orthokeratology means it can be considered a first-line treatment for children with myopia. 

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CooperVision resources

Myopia Simulator

CooperVision has made a myopia simulator to help patients, parents and practitioners understand the experience of myopia. Launch it to find out more - you can use it in your daily practice to help explain myopia to parents and patients.

Visit Myopia Simulator
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One Thing - my myopia management journey

As part of Myopia Action Month 2023, CooperVision asked myopia experts around the world "What's the one thing that motivated you to start with myopia management?" Listen to leaders in the field discuss their journey into myopia management, and what they have learnt along the way.

Watch the video here
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The MiSight® 1 day Story

MiSight® 1 day contact lenses hold the largest body of evidence for childhood myopia management with soft contact lenses - listen to experts and researchers discuss the science behind MiSight® 1 day , and how this extensive and compelling research translates into practice. 

Watch the lecture here