Myopia Profile

"Our mission is to improve the standard of pediatric vision care worldwide through engaging, clinically relevant and evidence based practitioner education and systems for myopia management. Join our Myopia Profile community and be a part of this endlessly fascinating and growing area of best practice patient care."

Kate & Paul Gifford - Myopia Profile Founders

About Myopia Profile

Myopia Profile is the internationally trusted go-to information resource on clinical myopia management for eye care professionals. Developed by husband-and-wife optometrist team Drs Paul and Kate Gifford, it was first built around the Clinical Myopia Profile patient communication tool developed by Kate from over 15 years’ experience in her Brisbane CBD practice. Starting as a bulk email to share the tool, then a website, then a Facebook group, then online courses and more, Myopia Profile has now grown into the largest and most popular, multi-channel educational resource dedicated to childhood myopia management.

What makes Myopia Profile unique is our breadth of activity, our depth of experience and our engagement with our community. Our three pillars of activity are providing accessible, clinically relevant professional education; developing clinical resources to support patient care; and raising public awareness. Our team has real-world expertise in clinical myopia management, practice development and patient communication, which underpins everything we do. We are experts in translating research into practice: always at the forefront of the latest science, on the search for the clinical pearls to apply in patient care. We provide the first and largest protected space for professionals to discuss myopia management, science and innovations through the exclusive Myopia Profile Facebook group.

If you want to get in contact with us, Myopia Profile founders Dr Paul Gifford and Dr Kate Gifford welcome connections via email and LinkedIn, or through the Facebook group. Feel free to also email with any questions, ideas or requests for what we can do to help you best manage your patients with myopia.

Enormous thanks to our visionary sponsors

Myopia Profile’s growth into a world leading platform has been made possible through the support of our visionary sponsors, who share our mission to improve children’s vision care worldwide. Click on their logos to learn about how these companies are innovating and developing resources with us to support you in managing your patients with myopia.