NaturalVue® Multifocal 1 day

Type: Contact lens - daily disposable

Manufacturer: Visioneering Technologies, Inc

Material: Etafilcon A 58% water water hydrogel, Class 2 UV blocker

Parameters: Base Curve 8.3mm, Diameter 14.5mm. Power range +4.00 to -12.25 in 0.25 steps. Spherical powers only.

Design: Neurofocus Optics® Technology: centre distance multifocal, with 'One Universal Extended Depth of Focus Design encompassing ADD power requirements up to +3.00'

Product information

The NaturalVue multifocal contact lens is a daily disposable designed for presbyopia and myopia control. The centre-distance design with a 'single high add' is purported to cover add requirements up to +3.00. It is described as a unique design having no spherical regions within the power profile. From the website: "The progression of plus power in NaturalVue® Multifocal contact lenses is significant enough to induce peripheral blur. This generates the virtual pinhole aperture to create an Extended Depth of Focus."

Myopia control mechanism

The absence of a spherical central optic zone in the NaturalVue lens is designed to create peripheral blur and a 'virtual pinhole aperture'. The presumed mechanism adheres to the peripheral defocus theory, whereby the peripheral retina receives myopic defocus as a slow-down or stop signal for eye growth. This has been shown in animal models - Earl Smith III is arguably the world's leading researcher in this area and you can read a summary lecture of his here.

Myopia control efficacy

One retrospective case series analysis of 32 patients aged 6-19 years from 10 practice locations showed a reduction in refractive myopia progression from prior rates when wearing the NaturalVue for a range of 6 to 25 months. See scientific paper summary below.

Prescribing information

The ideal childhood myope candidate in age and refraction for the NaturalVue multifocal 1 day contact lens is not described by the manufacturers. The Professional Fitting and Information Guide states that the ideal candidate has up to 1D of astigmatism, but that "the [multifocal] lenses may be worn by persons who exhibit astigmatism of 2.00 diopters or less that does not interfere with visual acuity."

The 3-step fitting guide and QuickStart Calculator are provided to help in selection of the first trial lens power and to optimize fitting success.

Peer reviewed science on NaturalVue efficacy and safety

  1. Cooper et al 2018. Case Series Analysis of Myopic Progression Control With a Unique Extended Depth of Focus Multifocal Contact Lens [link to open access paper]

    Patients aged 6-19 years (mean 11 years) with myopia ranging from -0.50 to -10.00 switched from a variety of corrections to NaturalVue in a clinical setting, across 10 practices. Refraction methods and patient selection criteria were determined by each managing eye care practitioner. Axial length was not measured and there was no control group for comparison. After 6 to 25 months of wear, there appeared to be minimal change in measured refraction. Safety data was not reported.

  2. Aller et al 2018. Myopia progression before and after fitting with the NaturalVue multifocal contact lens – a case series analysis [link to research abstract]

    Retrospective data from a single practice and practitioner of 26 consecutive patients with a mean age of 11.8 years (range 6-22 years) were switched from a variety of corrections into NaturalVue, with apparent stability of refractive change thereafter based on six-month progression. Axial length data available before and after for 11 patients showed 0.13mm vs 0.07mm change in six months pre- and post-NaturalVue fitting, respectively. There was no control group.

  3. Aller et al 2019. Myopia management with NaturalVue (etafilcon a) multifocal 1 day contact lenses: continuing evidence from clinical practice [link to research abstract] 

    A retrospective dataset of 141 myopes from 9 practices with a mean age of 12.4 years (range 5-22 years) again showed a reduction in pre- and post-fitting refractive progression. Axial length was measured at one site and cited as being 0.23mm or 55% less progression after 12-17 months compared to pre-fitting axial growth.

Manufacturer resources

  • Fitting guidance: Access fitting videos, 3-step fitting guides and the NaturalVue Quickstart Calculator via the heading link.