The Latest and Greatest Research on Atropine

The atropine landscape is constantly evolving as new studies are published. Here is a compiled summary of all of the most recent atropine eye drop studies for myopia control, along with information on trials currently underway.

April 2020 myopia research update

This month’s science update on all things myopia includes a myopia management strategy from Dutch researchers using growth charts and 0.5% atropine; genetic research; and atropine 0.01% influence on accommodation and pupil size.

AAO2019 Part 2 – We Know What we Don’t Know

Welcome to Part 2 of the updates from the American Academy of Optometry 2019 Meeting. These updates all sprung from Mark Bullimore and Noel Brennan’s fantastic session entitled Twelve Evidence Based Things That We Should Know About Myopia.

GSLS2020 Part 2 – The parents, the patients and your practice

Welcome to Part 2 of the news update of the 2020 Global Specialty Lens Symposium, held in Las Vegas. Read on for updates on the risk-to-benefit comparison of myopia control, how to talk myopia successfully with parents and how to integrate myopia control into your practice.

IMC2019 Part 3 – Contact Lens Updates

Announcing Part 3 of 4 of exciting updates from the 2019 biannual International Myopia Conference! You’ll find links to parts 1, 2 and 4 at the end, however read on for updates on OrthoK, MYLO and MiSight!