September 2020 myopia research update

Axial length growth and the risk of developing myopia in European children; Association of axial length with risk of uncorrectable visual impairment for Europeans with myopia; Accommodation is unrelated to myopia progression in Chinese myopic children; Prevalence of myopia among dissadvantaged Australian schoolchildren.

August 2020 myopia research update

Race as a predictor of myopia progression in paediatric patients; Scleral cross-linking using Rose Bengal green light; Blink study results; Vision with multifocal CL in myopes and presbyopes; Influence of CN multifocal CL on VA in young myopes and presbyopes; Effect of high add OK lens designs on corneal hysteresis and ocular aberrations.

July 2020 myopia research update

Axial length and reduced macular sensitivity before changes in acuity; accommodation training in multifocal CL; predicting future myopia progression & using growth charts to track progression of myopia.

May 2020 myopia research update

The control of myopia using peripheral diffusion lenses; Should we be using genetic testing to identify children at risk of high myopia; Role of un-correction, under-correction and over-correction of myopia as a strategy for slowing myopia progression

April 2020 myopia research update

This month’s science update on all things myopia includes a myopia management strategy from Dutch researchers using growth charts and 0.5% atropine; genetic research; and atropine 0.01% influence on accommodation and pupil size.