How increasing 1 year at school influences myopia in adulthood

Education and myopia have had a long association, both anecdotally and from research findings with studies in general finding strong correlations with education and prolonged close work rather than a definite causative link. This study investigated the impact of education on refractive error by examining the relationship between increasing the school leaving age and myopia.

September 2020 myopia research update

Axial length growth and the risk of developing myopia in European children; Association of axial length with risk of uncorrectable visual impairment for Europeans with myopia; Accommodation is unrelated to myopia progression in Chinese myopic children; Prevalence of myopia among dissadvantaged Australian schoolchildren.

August 2020 myopia research update

Race as a predictor of myopia progression in paediatric patients; Scleral cross-linking using Rose Bengal green light; Blink study results; Vision with multifocal CL in myopes and presbyopes; Influence of CN multifocal CL on VA in young myopes and presbyopes; Effect of high add OK lens designs on corneal hysteresis and ocular aberrations.