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Dr Kate Gifford


Dr Kate Gifford is a clinician-scientist, peer educator and professional leader based in Brisbane, Australia, and a co-founder of Myopia Profile. Kate graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2003 with First Class Honours and a University Medal, and was awarded her PhD in contact lens optics in myopia from QUT in 2018. She holds four professional fellowships, over 70 peer reviewed and professional publications, and has presented over 140 conference lectures around the world, primarily on clinical myopia management. Kate was the youngest ever National President of Optometry Australia from 2014-16, and was awarded the inaugural BCLA President’s Award and also named the QUT Young Alumnus of the Year in 2017. Kate works in clinical practice and holds a Visiting Research Fellow position at QUT. When not talking, thinking and dreaming about myopia, Kate is a mediocre runner, aspiring yogi, dark chocolate addict, voracious reader, shoe enthusiast and amateur travel film-maker.

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Dr Paul Gifford


Dr Paul Gifford is a research scientist and industry innovator based in Brisbane, Australia, and co-founder of Myopia Profile. Paul graduated from City University, London, England in 1995; completed his Masters in 2005 and was awarded his PhD in hyperopic orthokeratology and contact lens optics in 2009 from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia. Paul’s experience includes every facet of the optometry profession, from clinical practice to academia, research and industry. He holds three professional fellowships, more than 50 peer reviewed and professional publications, has been conferred several prestigious research awards and grants, and has presented more than 50 conference lectures around the world. Paul is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at UNSW and consults to contact lens industry on projects relating to product and systems design and software solutions including machine learning. In his spare time, Paul is a new tech explorer, cooking enthusiast, fancy coffee fanatic, avid reader and a much better runner than Kate.


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Cassandra Haines

Professional Content Curator

Cassandra Haines is a researcher, clinical optometrist and writer with a background in policy and advocacy from Adelaide, Australia, with a particular passion for children’s vision and myopia control. She graduated from her Masters in Optometry from Deakin University in 2016 and is now undertaking her PhD at Flinders University in Children’s Vision Screening. She works in the policy and advocacy team at Optometry Australia, clinically in an ophthalmology practice and teaching at Flinders University. Previously, Cassandra was chair of the Early Career Association for Optometry South Australia and is now on the amalgamated Optometry Victoria/South Australia board. When not talking to her multiple houseplants, Cassandra writes and produces cabaret and dramatic theatre for the fringe festival circuit, most recently Adelaide Fringe Festival.

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Kimberley Ngu

Professional Content Developer

Kimberley Ngu is a clinical optometrist based in Perth, Australia. She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2013. Having grown up in a society where myopia is a natural rite of passage for every child, Kimberley's interest in myopia management started as a graduate optometrist working with a largely paediatric population. She has also spent two years working in Singapore, where the prevalence of myopia is highest in the world, and was involved in developing and delivering educational programs for preschool children and parents on the risks of myopia. Kimberley has volunteered twice in Myanmar, supporting a teaching program developing clinical skills of the local refractionists. Outside of optometry, she spends too much time swing dancing, baking and fighting off pests in her veggie patch.

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Connie Gan

Professional Content Developer

Connie Gan is a clinical optometrist based in Kedah, Malaysia. She graduated from the National Institute of Ophthalmic Science, Kuala Lumpur in 2017, and is a Fellow member of the Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO). Connie provides comprehensive vision care for children and runs the myopia management service in her clinical practice. In addition to this, Connie also participates actively in the Amblyopia and Visual Impairment Screening (AVIS) program run by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, to help detect visual impairment in preschool aged children which can affect normal development and impact learning. In her spare time, Connie is an underwater diver, swimmer and dessert addict.

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Ailsa Lane

Professional Content Developer

Ailsa Lane is an experienced Contact Lens Optician based in Kent, United Kingdom. With almost 20 years experience, Ailsa is also a distance learning tutor for Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens Optician students through the ABDO College, and is currently completing her Advanced Diploma In Contact Lens Practice with Honours, which has ignited her interest and skills in understanding and contextualising scientific research. Have been myopic since age 10 and a contact lens wearer for 30 years, Ailsa's experience on both sides of the microscope has fortified her passion for myopia control, ensuring children have their best vision now as well as healthier eyes for the future. Outside of optics, Ailsa enjoys spending time with her husband, two kids and energetic rescue pooch; as well as baking and re-reading her favourite English literature.

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Clare Maher

Clare Maher

Professional Content Developer

Clare is a clinical optometrist based in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in 2019, where she was supervised by Kate Gifford for her Masters of Optometry research project. This experience sparked her interest in research, which she now brings to Myopia Profile with skills in critical research analysis and translation to clinical practice. Since completing Optometry, Clare moved to Sydney to commence studying a Doctor of Medicine and is currently in her second year. Clare works casually as a locum optometrist and loves staying up to date with the newest scientific and industry advances in myopia management - her focus on evidence-based practice being highly relevant to her medicine studies. In her spare time, Clare enjoys exploring Sydney and enjoying the fresh air and blue skies of Sydney's beaches.

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Ellie Arnall

Content Research and Social Media Associate

Ellie Arnall is an experienced optometric assistant and optical dispenser based in Brisbane, Australia. A qualified Veterinary Nurse, Ellie's family of optometrists (brother and uncle) saw her move from Vet practice into optometric practice several years ago. From late 2017 Ellie commenced working alongside Kate Gifford in their Brisbane City practice undertaking eye care diagnostics including optical coherence tomography (OCT), anterior eye imaging, axial length measurement, retinal imaging and dry eye management. A multi-talented technical whizz, Ellie's web and research skills are being combined with her clinical experience in her Myopia Profile work. In her spare time, Ellie has adventures with her faithful pooch Eva, crafts fancy cocktails and creates astounding eye makeup artistry.

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