Complex Atropine Cases

Read these three clinical complex atropine cases where general health conditions required careful consideration of atropine prescribing for myopia control.

Complications in atropine compounding

Most atropine currently prescribed for myopia control is compounded. How could this influence consistency of treatment and research results? What could current research lead to in future prescribing? Read more here.

Systemic side effects of atropine

Systemic Side Effects of Atropine Eye Drops

As there are systemic side effects of atropine eye drops, they could be contraindicated in young patients with some conditions, syndromes, and when taking specific systemic medications. Medication safety is also discussed.

The Latest and Greatest Research on Atropine

The atropine landscape is constantly evolving as new studies are published. Here is a compiled summary of all of the most recent atropine eye drop studies for myopia control, along with information on trials currently underway.