Myopia Awareness Week 2023 Social Media Pack



Supporting you across Myopia Awareness Week 2023

Myopia Awareness Week was founded by the BHVI in 2018, and this year it commences on Monday May 22. Myopia Profile is supporting the message of awareness with a suite of resources designed to support you in educating parents and patients.

Myopia Profile has designed a Social Media Pack as a full toolkit for you to use in your practice social media campaign across Myopia Awareness Week. The pack includes 7 image tiles, each with suggested text for you to cut-and-paste to social media posts. Each tile and text combination includes a link to a specific article or page on, our public awareness website, for parents to learn more.

Download the Social Media Pack for Myopia Awareness Week here. Thank you for doing your part, as together we improve awareness and confidence in children’s vision care worldwide.

How to use

Suggested way to use the content:

  1. The topics are designed to be used in order, however you are of course free to choose the tiles you wish to post, and to post them in any order. For example, there is a post for each type of myopia treatment, but you may wish to omit posts for treatments not available at your practice.
  2. Select at least 5 of the 7 posts from the Social Media Pack, and schedule them for each day of Myopia Awareness Week, which starts from Monday May 22nd.
  3. Create your posts: Add an image tile to a new social media post
    1. Copy-and-paste the provided text, making any edits to suit your patient and practice demographic
    2. Include the provided link to the associated article or page, to support parents and your patient base in learning more about childhood myopia.

The image tiles have been created by Myopia Profile, using the imagery. They remain the copyright of Myopia Profile, with you granted license to use the images and text in your practices social media campaign across Myopia Awareness Week 2023, 22-28 May 2023.