Essilor’s 1 year results for their Stellest spectacle lens reveal 60% myopia control efficacy


HOT OFF THE PRESS! Essilor's new Stellest lens for myopia control is a paradigm shift in technology for spectacle lens myopia control. The one year interim results of an ongoing clinical trial reveal impressive outcomes.

The Stellest lens has been designed with "HALT" technology - Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target - which presents a constellation of aspherical lenslets on 11 rings, radiating out from a central single vision zone. The HALT technology creates a volume of defocus signal in front of the retina to slow down axial elongation, specifically determined to follow the shape of the retina.

Study findings after 1 year

  • Children wearing Stellest™ lenses saved more than half a diopter of myopia degree on average (more than 60% slow-down in myopia progression when compared to the control group wearing single vision lenses).
  • Eye elongation was prevented in 28% of the children wearing Stellest™ lenses, while eye elongation occurred in all the children wearing single vision lenses.
  • 100% of children wearing Stellest™ lenses had clear vision, adapted to their new lenses within a week, and were as satisfied with their quality of vision as the children wearing single vision lenses.

Clinical relevance

Innovations in spectacle lens myopia control are the next phase in increasing utility and accessibility for more young myopes to be appropriately managed. This exciting news from Essilor, being interim results of an ongoing clinical trial underway in China, present an exciting new option with impressive efficacy - on the horizon for future clinical use.

Follow this link to read the full press release from Essilor.