July 2020 myopia research update

Axial length and reduced macular sensitivity before changes in acuity; accommodation training in multifocal CL; predicting future myopia progression & using growth charts to track progression of myopia.

Upper age for myopia management

The question on the upper age for commencing myopia management, and when to cease myopia management, was raised in this post. The links referenced in the post are discussed below.

SMART study – orthokeratology slows progression of myopia

The recently published outcome from this multi-site USA based study is in agreement with previous studies comparing effect of orthokeratology in slowing progression of myopia in children compared to disposable soft contact lenses.

OrthoKeratology lens used for myopia control

Orthokeratology for myopia control – meta-analysis

Two meta-analysis papers were published in the first half of 2015, both from Chinese research groups. Meta-analysis requires specifying a search criteria which is then followed over a set period of time to include all papers and reports that are caught by the search criteria terms.