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Myopia Action Month now on: Get involved here.

Myopia Master®

The Myopia Master® is an efficient device which combines autorefractor, keratometry, and axial length measurement of the eye using a quick and non-invasive method. In addition to its unique metric capabilities, the Myopia Master® software supports clinical decision-making and ongoing practitioner-to-patient communication. Overall, the Myopia Master® is a unique and powerful tool for facilitating the growth of myopia management in practice.

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OCULUS Myopia Master
3-in-1 integrated keratometer, auto-refractometer, and axial biometer (using optical biometry) for myopia detection & management
Software with lifestyle questionnaire; patient education; treatment options; take-home Myopia Report and follow-up with trend analysis.
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Myopia Master® Website and Resources

The OCULUS Myopia Master® website explains all of the features of this multi-function instrument, and also offers PDF case studies, interviews and lecture videos with leading eye care practitioners and researchers which explore how the Myopia Master® can be used to build a myopia management practice.

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