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DreamLite® MC

DreamLite® MC orthokeratology lenses by CooperVision offer eye care practitioners a robust myopia management solution, and have European approval for slowing myopia progression in children and young adults. The lenses are currently available in Europe and China. DreamLite® MC is part of CooperVision’s extensive portfolio of evidence-based myopia management interventions worldwide, with MiSight® 1 day, SightGlass Vision™ and Paragon CRT®.

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Ortho-K contact lenses
DreamLite® MC
Custom made ortho-k lens for myopia and astigmatism, with CE approval for myopia control in Europe
Spherical, toric
Suitable for myopes -0.75 D up to -5.00 D
DreamLite® MC corrects astigmatism up to -2.50 D
10.10mm, 10.50mm, 10.90mm, 11.30mm
5.50 mm STD, 5.00 mm
Boston XO (purple & blue)
Platinum Sponsor Ortho-k

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Visavy® Software

The Visavy® software is an innovative online fitting tool for customized contact lenses and offers practitioners the possibility to fit lenses with high precision and will save chair time. Practitioners  can rely on fully fledged services and support to enhance contact lens practice outcomes. 

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