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About Vyluma

At Vyluma, we’re solving serious medical challenges and creating new products that address meaningful unmet clinical needs. Vyluma is leading the treatment paradigm in patients suffering from refractive ophthalmic diseases such as myopia.  Vyluma’s ophthalmology portfolio focuses on diseases defined by 3 key characteristics:

  1. Large patient populations
  2. Significant unmet needs
  3. Lack of current pharmaceutical treatment options.

We have identified several proprietary drugs to address these unmet needs and are developing novel topical ophthalmic solutions in response. The primary focus of our ophthalmology portfolio is on refractive errors, which affect a significant number of patients worldwide. Our leading drug candidate, NVK-002, targets pediatric myopia, a childhood eye condition of epidemic proportions. To learn more about Vyluma, please visit and to visit our Myopia parent and eye care professional educational page, please visit