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Myopilux Max

Myopilux Max bifocal spectacle lenses have good utility as a treatment option which provides both refractive correction of myopia and myopia control efficacy. They are designed to cause minimal disturbance to the binocular vision system by incorporating prism within the addition zone. One randomized controlled trial of three years' duration showed a moderate myopia control effect for this lens design. Where available, new myopia controlling spectacle lenses such as the Essilor® Stellest® will likely offer better myopia control efficacy than Myopilux Max design.

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Spectacle Lenses
Essilor Myopilux Max
Prismatic bifocal spectacle lens
Executive bifocal with +2.00 add and 3 base-in prism in the near zone of each lens
Plano to -6.00D, cylindrical correction up to 4.00D, +2.00 addition only
Airwear 1.59 polycarbonate
Diameter (60⌀, 65⌀)
As for bifocals, with monocular pupillary distances and monocular heights (to the lower eyelid margin)
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