Myopia Profile Academy announces continuing education accreditation of ‘Contact Lenses for Kids’ online course

The intensely practical, three hour online course Contact Lenses for Kids is designed to increase practitioner knowledge, skills and confidence in fitting children with contact lenses, for all reasons (not just myopia control), and especially for children 12 years and under. It also provides actionable tools for clinical practice. This course is now accredited for continuing education credits in several countries.

Myopia Profile and OCULUS highlight leading clinical issue in myopia management

Clinical interest and questions on measurement of axial length in myopia management has grown 470% from mid-2019 to mid-2020 and another 35% in the last half of 2020, according to Myopia Profile and OCULUS. While axial length is not yet a widespread component of clinical myopia management, enormous expansion in interest is evident amongst eye care professionals, leading to a new, high level educational partnership between Myopia Profile and OCULUS.

Myopia Profile Academy Launches ‘Contact Lenses for Kids’ – brand new online course

Myopia Profile has launched a brand new, comprehensive three-hour course to give eye care practitioners the foundational knowledge and practical skills to fit more children with contact lenses. The key driver of this course is to increase eye care practitioner confidence in fitting children, aged 12 and under, with contact lenses – but is relevant for fitting teens as well. Enrolment in the first module is free.

Essilor and Myopia Profile join forces to tackle childhood myopia through awareness and education

Essilor International and Myopia Profile recently announced their partnership to empower eye care practitioners with clinical knowledge, skills and practice in managing childhood myopia. The partnership will also see a boost to public awareness of the consequences of myopia, and will encourage more parents to have their children’s vision tested worldwide.