Myopia Profile Academy Launches ‘Contact Lenses for Kids’ – brand new online course


Myopia Profile Academy has launched a brand new, comprehensive three-hour online course to upskill eye care practitioners in fitting children with contact lenses.

Contact Lenses for Kids is a comprehensive learning journey to increase eye care practitioner knowledge, confidence and management skills in paediatric contact lens practice.

Fitting children and teens with contact lenses

The key inspiration for building this course is to increase eye care practitioner (ECP) confidence in fitting children, aged 12 and under, with contact lenses. Oftentimes, ECPs are confident fitting teenagers and adults with contact lenses, but may be hesitant to fit children. This course provides the knowledge and skills to change that.

The foundation to this course is a strong evidence base, with over 80 scientific references included. Where relevant, research outcomes in children are compared to those in teenagers and adults, to demonstrate just how successful, satisfied and safe children can be as contact lens wearers.

This course is not just about myopia control - it's about the multitude of how, when and why reasons that children can thrive from contact lens wear, and how to ensure ECP communication and practice processes are set up for success.

Online course structure

This course is composed of six modules, each 30 minutes long, for a total duration of three hours. Each module is composed of a video lesson, with a full reference list, plus a key scientific paper for download which will reinforce and extend the key messages of that module. Multiple-choice questions follow, to test learning.

Complete the first learning modules for free

ECPs can select the free preview option to access all content from the welcome and first learning module at no charge.

As for all of Myopia Profile Academy courses, reduced course fees of 30-50% are offered for lower income countries. Click the link to read more about Myopia Profile Academy's accessibility pricing.

Contact Lenses for Kids - online course can be accessed here.