Example informed consent form

The landmark International Myopia Institute (IMI) White paper reports were published on 28 February 2019. As lead author on the Clinical Management Guidelines paper, I was thrilled to see the work of my 13 co-authors and I shared with a keen clinician audience worldwide. It was drawn to my attention, though, that the promised Supplementary Digital Content had not been published, so I've shared it, complete with links. Below is a full sized Myopia Control Treatment Informed Consent example form, from the University of California Berkeley Myopia Control Clinic - attribution to Maria Liu.

Note it does not include any information on spectacle lens treatments - you may wish to customize this to your available treatments and scope of practice.

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Dr Kate Gifford is a clinical optometrist, researcher, peer educator and professional leader from Brisbane, Australia, and a co-founder of Myopia Profile.